Airborne brings Albert Heijn campaign to life

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For a new Albert Heijn campaign, Airborne developed an 8D audio podcast together with Studio Freek and biologist Freek Vonk. In this podcast you'll hear and learn everything about the ocean: a magical underwater world.

"I've dived in hundreds of different places around the world, and the ocean is a magical place. It is bursting with life. Some animals are so bizarre that they seem to come straight from another planet. But the ocean is not only magical, it's indispensable: it regulates climates, absorbs greenhouse gas and provides more than half of all oxygen on earth. That's why we have to take care of it!"
-- Freek Vonk, professor at the VU and affiliated with Naturalis

In Albert Heijn's new campaign, the ocean plays the leading role and children can learn everything about the magic of the sea. They also receive tips and tricks on how they can help to leave the world a better place.

Ocean pictures and collectors album

Children can collect more than a hundred ocean stickers and tattoos. They can put them in an educational collector's album in which Freek Vonk takes them on an expedition through the wonderful world of the ocean. The collector's album is packed with information about the ocean and the plants and animals that live in it, their characteristics, natural habitat and what you can do to contribute to a cleaner world.

8D audio podcast

The album is further brought to life by the Expedition Ocean podcast. Airborne used 8D audio in this podcast, so the sound comes at you from all sides. You can hear Freek walking next to you, or birds flying above you, and you experience the mystical deep sea all around you.

Listen to 'Expeditie Oceaan'

The podcast consists of 16 episodes and can be listened to via all regular podcast channels, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.