Jewish Museum & Airborne release narrative podcast

'De man met de rammelaars'

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The first episode of the Dutch podcast 'De man met de rammelaars’ (‘The Man with the Rattles') will be released on 6 December by the Jewish Museum. This narrative podcast ties in with the exhibition 'Rammelaars! Rammelaars! Rammelaars!’ (‘Rattles! Rattles! Rattles!') and was developed by audio agency Airborne.

In 'De man met de rammelaars’, podcast maker Lotte van Gaalen goes in search of the story behind a single man’s curious collection of nearly one thousand rattles. What drove Heinz Keijser’s obsession? As van Gaalen searches for the answers, Keijser's wonderful life story unfolds, starting in 1920s Germany and ending in post-war Netherlands, in a house filled to the rafters with rattles.

A distinctive production

The podcast ties in with an exhibition about Heinz Keijser and his curious rattles. The Jewish Museum chose to simultaneously release a podcast because Keijser's life story provides a great deal of context and meaning to the collection.

Listening to the podcast adds an extra dimension to a museum visit,” says Kiki Stoffels, Public Manager at the Jewish Cultural Quarter, of which the museum is a part. “But we’ve also explicitly opted for an approach in which the podcast can be listened to on its own, separately from the exhibition. That’s why a lot of energy was put into making a distinctive production, with a well-thought-out story structure, soundtrack and sound design.

Leopold Witte as the voice of Heinz Keijser

Curators Mirjam Knotter and Lisa de Goffau, both of the Jewish Museum, conducted the research that formed the basis for the podcast. Marvin Jacobs of audio agency Airborne translated their findings into a concept for a podcast, after which Lotte van Gaalen recorded, edited and mixed the 4-part series. Reports and interviews alternate with excerpts of an autobiographical document written by Keijser. In those excerpts, actor Leopold Witte (known for 'Gooische Vrouwen', among other work) is heard as Keijser. The cover art was designed by Jaap Biemans (Volkskrant Magazine/Coverjunkie).

The first episode of ‘De man met de rammelaars’ can be heard on all regular podcast platforms starting on December 6th, 2021. New episodes will appear biweekly each Monday. ‘Rammelaars! Rammelaars! Rammelaars!', the exhibition about Heinz Keijser and his curious collection, can be seen in the Jewish Museum from December 17th, 2021 until June 6th, 2022.

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Listen to ‘De man met de rammelaars’ on Spotify (Dutch only)