Airborne is the most experienced and award-winning podcast specialist in the Netherlands. We let people listen to brands with appealing and distinctive stories. At Airborne we work with a multidisciplinary team of thinkers and makers. We are connected to a large network of experts in the field of online marketing, data, and technology. Airborne works directly on behalf of organizations and brands. Besides, based on our expertise we enjoy working with other agencies, publishers, and listening platforms.

What we do.

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    Original podcasts

    Podcast is a medium with unique characteristics. Online you have to fight for every second of attention, but podcasts have the power to captive listeners for a significantly longer time. With surprising formats and inspiring stories, an original podcast can add an extra dimension to a brand.

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    Media & Distribution

    At Airborne, we have built up expertise within the audio landscape and how to connect with listeners. Besides, we advise companies and organizations on the role of audio in their marketing and communication strategies.

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    The world of digital audio is changing rapidly. Our voice and our ears are increasingly important when interacting with content. Airborne responds to this development and changing consumer needs with innovative concepts.

Who we are.

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    Creative Director Marvin Jacobs

    Marvin is co-founder of Airborne, which has existed since 2018. As Creative Director, he uses his expertise in audio and podcasts to tell compelling brand stories. He publishes in industry and lifestyle media. Marvin regularly speaks at conferences about developments within the audio landscape.

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    Managing Partner Jeroen de Bakker

    Jeroen was an agency owner for many years and worked as managing director Product & Growth Audio at Talpa Network. He likes to combine his love for brands with creativity and entrepreneurship to successfully deploy new marketing channels to achieve clients' commercial objectives.

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    Team Airborne

    Airborne consists of a fast-growing team of makers and thinkers: dedicated professionals who share a love for telling extraordinary stories. Our team knows how to make high-quality audio productions. We also have a broad knowledge of brands, marketing, and digital audio.

How we work.

We help brands develop successful audio formats. Whether these are compact projects or high-end productions, we oversee the entire process: from the first idea to the measuring of results.

  1. Strategie

    1. Strategy

    As a brand, you develop content for a reason. In the strategy phase, we look at the communication and brand objectives the project must contribute to - and what the most effective approach is to do so.

  2. Concept

    2. Concept

    After the first phase of analyzing, it is time for the right hemisphere of the brain: within the strategic framework, we develop a format that makes optimal use of the medium and, on the other hand, that people want to listen to.

  3. Productie


    From the writing of an engaging script to fine-tuning the sound design: in production, every step affects the final result. With our experience, we know what works - and what doesn't.

  4. Distributie

    4. Distribution

    The Born05 Group has over 15 years of experience in reaching specific target groups online. With this expertise, we know where to find the listeners for podcasts and voice applications.

  5. Evaluatie

    5. Monitoring

    Are we getting the results we wanted to achieve? On the basis of analytics and detailed reports, we look at what can be improved and how we can increase successes.

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Our work does not go unnoticed: our productions are regularly awarded at home and abroad.

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