New podcast on the work and life of composer Bruckner

9 faces of Bruckner

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Starting Wednesday, December 12, 2023, "9 Faces of Bruckner" will be available for listening on all mainstream podcast platforms. It is the first podcast to be released by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The production is part of a long-term campaign highlighting the concert cycle around Bruckner.

The occasion for the concert cycle is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, in 2024. For the first time, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will play his nine symphonies within a year and a half. To promote this, a broad campaign was launched this month, with the angle "9 faces of Bruckner. This includes social, out of home and advertising. The podcast adds a layer of content to the campaign.

Concert series

The podcast "9 Faces of Bruckner" aims to excite listeners about the composer's work while alerting them to the concert series. The podcast has a low-threshold approach, so that it is also accessible to listeners without great knowledge of classical music. That is why Jet Berkhout was chosen as presenter and interviewer. With the radio program 'De Muziekfabriek' and the podcast 'Beethoven is more than a dog', among others, she knows how to interest a broad audience in classical music.

Each episode focuses on a different symphony. Together with Bruckner expert Axel Meijer and a musician from the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Jet Berkhout goes through the work and life of Bruckner. A large number of musical excerpts pass by in the process.

Contagious enthusiasm

Wietske Kuiper of the Concertgebouw Orchestra: "We are always looking for ways to instill a love of classical music in an even wider audience. To that end, a podcast is a very logical medium for us, because you listen to it with attention - something that is obviously very close to us."

Marvin Jacobs, Creative Director of Airborne: "With '9 faces of Bruckner,' I think we convey a contagious enthusiasm for Bruckner's work. Moreover, it shows that everyone can enjoy this, even if you are not very familiar with classical music."

'9 Faces of Bruckner' can be listened to via all mainstream podcast platforms, including Spotify.

9 faces of Bruckner