Achmea increases job market visibility with podcast '180 Graden' (180 Degrees)

New series produced in partnership with Media House NRC

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Achmea's goal is to show potential employees that the company is socially engaged, with the indirect message that you can do meaningful work there. Each episode seeks a new perspective on one specific social issue, such as climate change, loneliness or noise pollution.

The host and creator of the podcast is Sharid Alles. From personal observation, she maps out societal challenges, then seeks a new perspective. For example, Sharid walks along with a demonstration of Extinction Rebellion and wonders where the responsibility for a sustainable society lies: with the individual or with the government? In another episode, she explores what role social media plays in loneliness among young people, ultimately arriving at a surprising insight.

A substantive search
'180 Graden' is closely aligned with the new positioning of Achmea's employer brand, which will see the light of day later this year. Sophie Grandia, Teamlead Recruitment: "Developing our own podcast was a logical step for us. We have been experimenting with podcast advertising for a while and based on brand and cross-media research we see significant effects. With this podcast we show that Achmea is thinking about social issues. We call on the target group to come and contribute to that and really go for something."

Marvin Jacobs, Creative Director of Airborne: “With 180 Graden we have developed a listenable podcast, with great attention to content and form. In doing so, it shows that Achmea really cares about Dutch society, because the podcast is not about the company itself, but about a substantive search.”

Listen to ‘180 Graden’
The first season of "180 Graden" consists of six episodes, appearing weekly in January and February 2024. The podcast can be listened to via the NRC Audio app, and all other mainstream podcast platforms such as Spotify.

Listen to 180 Graden