'Lichtpuntjes de podcast', part of the new SIRE campaign

Find your bright spot and dare to hope

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The world can sometimes feel dark. Even before breakfast you read about wars, climate change or a neighborhood burglary. Sometimes the courage sinks in. Whereas it is precisely in uncertain times that keeping hope is so important. It helps us think about what is important, gives courage and makes us resilient. If you are hopeful, you invest in the present and in your future. That is why SIRE calls on you in this campaign to find bright spots in your life that make you hopeful. Small glimmers of hope, which time and again give you the strength and energy to continue.

Video podcast series with various Dutch icons

An important part of the campaign is a podcast series, wherein Dutch journalist Diana Matroos explores the personal bright spots of well-known Dutch icons such as Roxeanne Hazes, Laurentien van Oranje, Frank Lammers, Louis van Gaal and Ahmed Aboutaleb. Each has their own story of hope that not only makes listeners think, but also encourages them to look for their own bright spot. This is the first time SIRE has used the podcast as an in-depth part of a campaign. Airborne was responsible for the technical production in collaboration with Spraakmaker Media.

The series kicks off today with singer Roxeanne Hazes. In the coming weeks, episodes will follow with Ahmed Aboutaleb, Prinses Laurentien, Frank Lammers, and Louis van Gaal.

Listen to Lichtpuntjes the podcast