National Holocaust Museum and Airborne release podcast around opening National Holocaust Museum

Personal stories about persecution of Jews in the Netherlands

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From Thursday, March 7, 2024, the podcast "Vergeet me niet" (Don't forget me) will be available in all podcast platforms. This is the first podcast to be released by the National Holocaust Museum ahead of its official opening on Sunday, March 10, 2024 by King Willem-Alexander. The podcast series tells personal stories connected to the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands. Audio agency Airborne is responsible for the production.

Using six personal objects and the stories they carry, showrunner Reinjan Prakke takes you through the history of the Holocaust in the Netherlands. The podcast "Don't Forget Me" begins just before World War II and tells about the systematic persecution and murder during the occupation. And it sheds new light on the period after liberation.

The first episode focuses on the story of Jewish Rosa, who arrives in the Netherlands in 1939 as a nine-year-old refugee via the so-called children's transports. One of her few possessions is a heart-shaped locket, the object to which her story is connected. Another episode is about Klaartje, who was handed over to the Nazis by Dutch "Jew hunters" in exchange for a bounty. She kept a detailed diary about the period she was held in the Hollandsche Schouwburg.

To be listened to without a museum visit

The personal objects with which each episode begins are displayed at the National Holocaust Museum. However, the episodes can also be listened to without a museum visit.

Mick Groeneveld, communications coordinator at the National Holocaust Museum: "At the National Holocaust Museum we make the history of the persecution of the Jews palpable through personal stories. With this podcast we are doing the same thing, but outside the walls of this new museum. 'Don't forget me' is actually a teaser for your ears."

Interviews with experts and onsite coverage

Showrunner Reinjan Prakke of Airborne is the narrator in this production. He speaks with various experts at relevant locations. Research from the museum formed the basis of this production.

Starting from March 7, 2024, the 6 episodes will be launched weekly and will be available through all regular podcasting platforms.

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