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What exactly does women's soccer look like in 2023? What are the biggest differences with men? And what needs to happen to make those differences smaller?

Programmer and former soccer star Ouassima Tajmout goes in search of answers, talking to players, coaches and managers.

This series appeared shortly before the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. Among others, Ouassima meets Daphne Koster (manager at Ajax), Andries Jonker (national team coach of Orange), Vivianne Miedema (Arsenal striker) and Tessel Middag (Rangers player).

'Gelijkspel is winst' (Draw is Win) is an initiative of 'I am V', a movement fighting for equal opportunities in soccer. We believe that gender should not determine what opportunities you get on the soccer field. With this in mind, we are fighting together for equality on the field, in the clubs and in the media. For soccer playing ladies, men, girls and boys. We do this since 2022 with a coalition of frontrunners: WOMEN Inc., In Sport We Trust and Less Agency.

Read more about the accompanying campaign #EqualGame
and watch the video created especially for this campaign in collaboration with Monaerk.

Draw is Win was made possible by the Vriendenloterij.

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These podcasts are SO interesting to listen to! Everything is very relatable and it's nice to learn about history. Thanks! ⚽️🧡

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