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Shortages in the labor market are leading to personnel shortages in virtually every sector: pressing challenges that are increasingly being felt throughout the Netherlands.

What causes this? Does the way in which we have arranged work still suit us in a time of flex-working, platform economy and globalization? In the podcast 'Goed Geregeld Werk', journalist and documentary maker Hans Busstra goes in search of answers and solutions.

In a 5-part series he speaks with sharp thinkers and labor market experts. The series starts with former top civil servant Hans Borstlap who and his committee in 2020 made concrete proposals to reform the labor market. Also featured in this series are: Janine Vos (Chief HR Officer Rabobank), Martijn Arets (expert platform economy), Marjolein ten Hoonte (Director labor market and CSR Randstad Group Netherlands), Hendrik Noten (author and strategic policy advisor) and Toon Borren (People Operations at Picnic).

'Goed Geregeld Werk' is a podcast by Randstad Group Netherlands.

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