1. Podcast production in close collab with N=5, Spraakmaker Media & Diana Matroos

In a world that sometimes feels dark, it is important to keep looking for points of light. Glimmers of hope that give us courage, make us resilient and makes us persevere.

In 'Lichtpuntjes' (Points of light), journalist Diana Matroos has in-depth conversations with Dutch icons such as Roxeanne Hazes, Princess Laurentien, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Frank Lammers, Louis van Gaal and Clarence Seedorf. They have found out, each in their own way, what hope means to them and share their points of light with you in an inspiring and personal conversation.

Lichtpuntjes the podcast is an initiative of SIRE, based on an idea by Diana Matroos.

Points of light of Frank Lammers

what a wonderfully down-to-earth and positive man! the naive enthusiasm, truly inspiring.

Points of light of Roxeanne Hazes

Looking honestly at oneself & beautiful influence on others (being able to be a bright spot for others)

Points of light of Roxeanne Hazes

What a beautiful and honest talk! That you should love yourself more and not think you never do anything right ... and not think too much ahead! I always see bears on the road 😉 Both lovely people.