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Why are Bruckner's 9 symphonies so legendary? And why do they stir up so much excitement? In this podcast, Jet Berkhout tries to fathom why some people are in love with this Austrian composer while others find it indigestible fare.

Jet does so together with Bruckner expert Axel Meijer and several musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Each episode focuses on one of Bruckner's 9 symphonies; works in which you get to know a new face of the composer each time. A large number of excerpts will also draw your attention to the main highlights in each symphony. This will make listening to them even more enjoyable, whether at home or in a concert hall.

The Concertgebouw Orchestra will perform all 9 symphonies until spring 2025, each time under the baton of a different illustrious conductor. Want to know more? Then check out the website.

And for those listening at home, the Concertgebouw Orchestra has compiled a handy playlist with all the works discussed in the podcast. Listen to the playlist via Apple Music of in Spotify.

'9 faces of Bruckner' is a production of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, in collaboration with audio agency Airborne.

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Amazing !!!

I am now very well prepared for tomorrow night :) Thanks for the top episode!