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In the spring of 2020, the Dutch were called upon to stay indoors as much as possible. This lockdown was to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. As a consequence, Dutch nature was suddenly far away and unreachable. The national touring club ANWB launched podcast De Buitendienst ('The Field Service'). During the lockdown, a new episode appeared every week with just the sound of a specific nature reserve in the Netherlands, bringing the outdoor sensation into the homes of listeners.


The lockdown in the spring of 2020 disrupted the entire society in the Netherlands. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, only necessary trips were allowed. Visiting nature reserves was therefore also strongly discouraged. ANWB has millions of members and is deeply rooted in Dutch society. From that role, the organization was looking for a way to support the Dutch in this sudden crisis. In a relevant, valuable way and in line with what the brand stands for: helpful, modest, and as a connoisseur of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands.

Big Idea.

Everyone knows how peaceful nature can be. Sound plays a major role in this: the song of birds, the surf of the sea, and the rustling of leaves. This was the starting point for podcast De Buitendienst ('The Field Service'). Each episode consists of the sounds of one specific nature reserve in the Netherlands. No spoken introduction or other verbal elements, just the sound of nature. This ensures there isn't any distraction while listening and the podcast does what it promises: bringing calmness and relaxation. It also ties in seamlessly with what ANWB stands for: helping people with the right expertise.

The song of birds and the rustling of leaves


De Buitendienst has been very positively received and had lots of free publicity in the Dutch media. From the moment of its launch, the show has been at the top of the podcast charts for months, within the Cities & Travel category. It offered ANWB the opportunity to be present with a surprising concept within a new environment and via new channels. In this way, the almost one and a half-century-old organization was able to show that ANWB in 2020 is still an innovative brand. And, perhaps more importantly, both members and non-members of the ANWB embraced the concept. For that reason, a new series of De Buitendienst has been released in 2021.


In collaboration with: Henk Meeuwsen and Victor Dekker (audio production)

Nr. 1

Since its launch, De Buitendienst was number 1 in the category Places & Travel for months


Average percentage consumed by listeners, per episode


The field service is rated with an average of 5 stars

Very beautiful

Very nice to listen to. It is not anonymous, it is really the Veluwe. I find this very beautiful

Bring in outside

Take it easy on this. Outside noise on my ears while working inside.

Like I'm on the beach.

Wonderful as if I am walking on the beach or sitting on the beach. Well done ANWB!

The Field Service

Topnotch, surprisingly made by ANWB: wonderful free sounds, pure nature, the sea, the wind & the gulls, caught on our most beautiful world heritage site.