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  1. Grand Prix Content Marketing Award
  2. Nominatie Dutch Podcast Award

The Rijksmuseum is a treasure trove of stories about Dutch history. The museum likes to share this with as many people as possible - inside the museum halls, and beyond. In het Rijks ('Inside the Rijksmuseum') connects with a target group that is usually difficult to reach: people in their 20s and 30s. The podcast can be listened to without the need for a museum visit. But anyone who eventually goes to the Rijksmuseum will look at art with extra pleasure, thanks to the stories from the podcast.


The Rijksmuseum has an important societal objective: to introduce as many people as possible to Dutch (art)history. Younger target groups are often difficult to reach for the museum. As an innovative institute, the museum was looking for a new way to connect this group to its collection and the stories behind it. At the same time, people should be inspired to visit the Rijksmuseum.

Big Idea.

Podcasts are widely listened to in the age group up to 35 years. That made this the perfect medium to introduce a new target group to the Rijksmuseum. Curators are interviewed by experienced and renowned Dutch journalists. They tell the stories connected to the art-objects in the collection. A well-thought-out editing and a fine-tuned sound design make the podcast attractive for a wide audience.


In het Rijks has been in the top 5 of the most popular art podcasts in the Netherlands, since its launch. A large part of the listeners are in the intended audience, but the podcast also reaches a much broader audience. More than 80% of listeners subscribe to In het Rijks and the consumption ratio is above 100% - which means that parts are re-listened to. With these successful results, the podcast has established itself within the Rijksmuseum's long-term marketing and communication strategy.


Commissioned by and in collaboration with: Big Orange - The Audio Agency (music & audio production)

Discover the Rijksmuseum with your eyes closed


Average percentage consumed by listeners

Nr. 1

Best listened to podcast in the Netherlands, category Visual Arts


Average percentage consumed by listeners

Very well done!

A very good podcast, really enriching

Interesting for everyone

I think anyone with or without an interest in art will find this an interesting podcast. Every episode is fascinating and you keep listening - an absolute must!

Nice podcast, lots of information

I enjoy listening to this podcast. Even on topics that I already knew a lot about, I learn new things. Well worth it for everyone.


A very interesting and educational podcast. First listened then watched. I felt like an expert 😀 Thank you