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By adding an 8D audio podcast to Expeditie Oceaan (‘Expedition Ocean’), the effectiveness of this loyalty campaign was significantly increased - both in terms of impact during and after the promotional period.


Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. It aimed to introduce children (ages 4-12) to the ocean through Expeditie Oceaan. This was not only because the ocean is a magical world filled with unique animals and plants, but also because it is essential for all life on Earth. Therefore, it is something to be cherished and protected.

Freek Vonk - the nation's most popular biologist among children - is the central figure of this campaign, and he takes you on his journey of discovery. A special collector's album highlights 14 different ecosystems, featuring concise texts and engaging illustrations. Stickers, distributed during the promotional period, can be placed within the album.

Albert Heijn wanted to increase the campaign's effectiveness by adding extra engagement to the promotion. In doing so, it was looking for an innovative medium that was contextually connected to the campaign.

Big idea.

In the collector's album, each chapter, focusing on one ecosystem, included a QR code. Scanning the code takes you to an audio-experience offered as a podcast. You hear Freek Vonk situated in an ecosystem that corresponds to the album, acting as a guide for the listener. In about 5 to 7 minutes, he provides background information and shares interesting facts, all in his unique, signature style.

Using spatial audio (or 8D audio), listeners feel immersed in a specific environment as the sound comes from all directions. For example, waves rolling from front to back and birds flying from left to right. This approach stimulates the imagination of the typically visually-oriented "screen generation" in a new way through their ears.

Moreover, this approach caters to the young and wide-ranging target audience of 4 to 12-year-olds in different ways: those who do not understand all the content still enjoy the audio experience.


The podcast has demonstrably led to increased engagement, with a total of nearly one million listens.

This way, the campaign was intensified during its runtime and extended beyond it. With the distinctive audio content, Albert Heijn has been able to attract listeners much longer than the promotional period. The reach has more than doubled in the longtail, and the numbers continue to grow without further campaign or promotion.

Additionally, the content is appreciated by listeners, as evidenced by the high consumption ratio (80%), reviews on listening platforms (4,6 stars), and high rankings in various podcast charts.

The podcast has exceeded the objectives on all fronts.


In collaboration with: Lumen Loyalty (overall concept), Studio Freek & Naturalis Biodiversity Center Nederland (script, fact-checking) and Dentsu (media).

Explore the ocean in 16 episodes

Nr. 1

Best listened to children's podcast in the Netherlands


Very high consumption ratio

4,6 ☆☆☆☆☆

Highly rated by listeners

Top and interesting

I think it's a very interesting podcast, and it's also very educational. but too bad it's so short.


I love listening to animal facts and learning new things. I also really like the sound in terms of music but also the technology.

Really awesome

It is really soo awesome


Great because I don't know much about the ocean 🐟🐬🐙🐡🐳🦀sea sea sea sea super