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In 2020, Covid-19 changed the world. Social life came to a complete standstill, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon could not take place either. Sponsor Tata Consulting Services therefore developed the Virtual Run: participants could still run the marathon at a location and time of their choice. The 3D Sound Experience added an extra dimension.


In the 'annus horribilis' 2020, Covid-19 made a normal edition of the annual TCS Amsterdam Marathon impossible. That is why sponsor Tata Consultancy Services developed the Virtual Run. This specially developed app allowed runners to participate in the sporting event. In their own time and at their own location. Anywhere in the world. But what is a marathon without spectators along the route? No cheering, no clapping, no music, no pep-talks that keep you going? Right, nothing.

Together with PR agency Glasnost, we looked for a way to make the 2020 edition of the Amsterdam Marathon a memorable event. Despite all the limitations, how could we still give runners the feeling that they are participating in this typical Amsterdam sports event?

Big idea.

To give runners the feeling that they were running through the streets of Amsterdam, we came up with a 3D sound experience: while you listen to an energy-generating mixtape, you can hear Amsterdam passing by. The unique 3D recording gives you the feeling that you are running right through the city, complete with the characteristic sounds of Amsterdam. Such as the ringing of the trams, the market vendors, the church bells of the Westertoren and - of course - the sound of ringing cyclists.

The sounds are recorded with a special 3D microphone. This results in a recording that surroundeds listeners with city sounds and that gives them sensation of running past things. There are also a large number of bands and supporters along the route to encourage the runners. With this approach we have managed to create an experience in audio that comes close to the real marathon.


The Virtual Run Sound Experience has been downloaded more than 15 thousand times. Remarkable, because the 2020 edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon had 6 thousand participants. The initiative has generated a much greater reach than the initial objective.

In addition, the Sound Experience received lots of publicity in the national and local media. Plus: runners from all over the world could easily participate in the Amsterdam marathon via the Virtual Run. So, for the first time there were more foreign runners than ever. The feedback on the Sound Experience was very positive. With this special virtual marathon, Tata Consultancy Services proved itself as a loyal sponsor of the Amsterdam marathon, even when the going gets tough.

Listen to the track on Apple Podcasts.


In collaboration with: Glasnost (PR), Big Orange - The Audio Agency (audio production), Max Krul (aka. DJ Macks)


Number of downloads (100% above target)


Positive and enthusiastic feedback from runners


High consumption ratio


Wow, I am going to put this on during my run !!!!!!!


Super nice! Like walking through the city. Awesome!

Great mix

Long live DJ MACKS! What a great mix!