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Randstad Groep Nederland is one of the largest employers in the Netherlands and employs many tens of thousands of temporary workers every day. In order for them to work as well and pleasantly as possible, it is important that Randstad employees know what contributes to this.


Randstad Groep Nederland has a big influence on what work in the Netherlands looks like. It is therefore important that its own employees feel connected with Randstad's values about work, all the more so because the organization has an exemplary function.

Randstad believes it is important that everyone can be the best version of themselves at work. And that also applies to our own employees, because only in this way can they help others in the best possible way. That is why the 'Be your best self' program has been set up within the organization, which helps and supports employees in various ways. Randstad was looking for a way to strengthen this internal program and put it back in the spotlight.

Big Idea.

In everything Randstad does, the human component is paramount. The choice for the intimate and human medium podcast was therefore a logical one. To tie in with the existing internal program 'Be Your Best Self', the podcast was given the same name.

With each episode, the underlying question is: what are the obstacles that prevent you from being the best version of yourself? And how do you remove those obstacles? The form in which this topic is presented is a personal story. In each episode, a Randstad employee talks about personal experiences in the workplace - and especially what they encountered. For example, what is it like to be judged on your origin?

Experts, from both within and outside the organization, place the individual story in a broader context. This leads to insights about, for example, fixed patterns and 'blind spots'. In addition, it provides a perspective for action, for both employees and managers. For example, about how to create a working environment in which everyone feels safe.

How can you be the best version of yourself at work?


An appropriate moment to release the first episode of 'Being your best self' was the annual Diversity Day. An initiative that is supported by a large number of companies in the Netherlands, including Randstad. It should make companies aware of the importance of a diverse and inclusive personnel policy.

The podcast was brought to attention with an internal campaign within Randstad. Due to the great involvement of Randstad employees themselves, the podcast received a lot of internal interest and was immediately listened to many times.

Even though 'Being your best self' focuses on its own employees, the podcast is publicly available on all mainstream platforms. In the days after its launch, the show topped the charts in the "Career" subcategory.


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