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In On Course, we follow the unique history of Damen Shipyards Group.

At one time the company was nothing more than a wooden shed on the banks of the Merwede River, run by a couple of handy young men. The company now has a global presence and builds virtually every conceivable model of ship.

The key figure in this story is Kommer Damen. With his revolutionary vision and entrepreneurial spirit, he set up the company at a time when the world was changing rapidly: from the oil crisis in the 1970s to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In ‘Op Koers’, (On Course) Kommer Damen talks extensively about the rich history of this family business for the first time. In addition, many others speak about Damen’s turbulent growth, but also about developments within the shipping industry and the global economy.

‘Op Koers’ is a 6-part podcast series; a special story about headwind and perseverance, about daring and doing. Want to find out more? Check out

‘Op Koers’ is a Damen Shipyards podcast and is produced by audio agency Airborne. For the international listening audience, we created a translated version: On Course. Which can also be found on all listening platforms.

Listen to Op Koers on Spotify

Or listen to the English version 'On Course'


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Nice job!

The podcast is really interesting to me, more so because I am an employee at a Damen owned company. I am very interested in learning the history and thought process of success people. Nice job!


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Wonderful introduction and piece of history of the creation of this world company. Very fun to follow this.

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