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Who murdered 15-year-old Samir Sabri's stepmother in 1986? Based on his own guilty plea, Samir is convicted of committing the murder. But a year and a half later, he retracts his statement. He claims he is innocent. In an in-depth journalistic quest, journalist Anders Johansson tries to uncover the truth.

From Wednesday 20 September 2023, AD's 'The Stepmother's Murder' can be heard. In this true-crime podcast, a Swedish investigative journalist tries to find out whether the right person has been convicted of a domestic murder. This series caused quite a stir in Sweden. Through a collaboration from Algemeen Dagblad with the new Podster/Airborne alliance, the series is now also available in Dutch.

In 1986, 15-year-old Samir was sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment for murdering his stepmother. After initially confessing to the murder, a year and a half later he retracts his confession: not he, but his father is the culprit. Is what he says true? Journalist Anders Johansson of the newspaper Aftonbladet starts an in-depth investigation, which he records meticulously in a podcast. Millions of Swedish listeners followed Johansson's discoveries closely.


Until recently, the high-profile podcast was only available in Swedish, but thanks to the new alliance between Podster and Airborne, the series can now be listened to in Dutch. Podster is a Danish start-up that acquires the rights to local podcast hits and then releases them internationally. To do so, it has formed an alliance for the Dutch market with audio agency Airborne, which is responsible for production and securing local deals.

High-quality productions

Daan Hofstee, of DPG, of which Algemeen Dagblad is part: "Audio and podcasts are now an indispensable pillar in our editorial strategy. By localising internationally successful podcasts, we can expand our editorial offering faster with high-quality productions. For us, this cooperation with Podster/Airborne is therefore a very interesting experiment."

Henriette Høj Gharib is CEO and co-founder of Podster: "We are very happy to make our entrance into the Dutch market together with Airborne. Thanks to their craftsmanship, we now have a show of absolute top quality."

Marvin Jacobs, Creative Director of Airborne: "Developing originals is normally an intensive and costly process. We are delighted that this new alliance suddenly allows us to offer a huge library of wonderful shows within the Netherlands. This production is just the beginning."

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