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Rituals is more than just a cosmetic brand: it wants to help its customers to feel special by creating little moments of happiness during their day. The Art of Sleep helps listeners to better understand how sleep works and how to improve their night's sleep. The podcast is part of an extensive content ecosystem, including yoga classes and meditations, offered within the Rituals app. To reach all Rituals customers worldwide, the podcast has been released in five different languages.


Rituals helps its customers to create valuable moments in every day. That is why yoga and meditations are offered within the Rituals app. Content about sleep and what determines a good night rest wasn't available within the Rituals content ecosystem, yet. When research within the target group showed that there was a great need for information about this topic, it was clear on which domain the brand wanted to focus on: sleep.

Big Idea.

In the podcast The Art of Sleep, authoritative experts unravel the mysteries of the phenomenon of sleep and debunk myths. Each episode focuses on a specific element, such as the ideal design of the bedroom or which day-rhythm positively influences sleep. The interviews are edited into a compelling narrative and the host provides context and background information. Music and a thought-through sound design make the listening experience even more enjoyable. The show is offered within the Rituals app and via common podcast platforms.


The original English version has been translated into French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. With that, the show has reached many thousands of Rituals customers worldwide. The podcast also fuels new downloads of the Rituals-app, which is highly valuable: app-users are loyal customers with an above-average spending pattern in the Rituals webshop. Besides, the feedback of listeners is very positive: the insights in the show have improved the sleep of many.


In collaboration with: Big Orange - The Audio Agency (music & audio production)

The secret of a good night’s sleep.

5 languages

The podcast has been released in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch


Average percentage consumed by listeners

Top 10

In several countries worldwide, the podcast is at the top of the charts, in the category ‘Mental health’


What an incredibly soothing and pleasant voice to listen to!

French translation

I'm not very good at following English podcasts. Great that it can also be heard in French.


What I like about this podcast is that it always remains positive. I don't get the feeling I'm doing things wrong.

Good tips

This is really useful to you. Good tips!