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  1. Red Dot Award
  2. Lovies Award (3x)
  3. Caples Award
  4. Dutch Podcast Award
  5. Webby Award Nomination
  6. Grand Prix Content Marketing Award

Would it be possible to give people a travel experience, even without flying them to a destination? That question was the start of The Journey. This first original podcast from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines takes listeners to all corners of the world, while travelers share their true stories about 'the trip that changes everything'.


As a pioneering airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is always looking to connect with its audience in new ways. For everything it does, the brand purpose is always the starting point: 'Moving your world, by creating memorable experiences'. The airline puts this into practice every day by bringing people from A to B. But what if the communication itself is a 'memorable experience'? Not by focusing on destinations, but by showing on an individual level how valuable travel can be.

Big idea.

With personal travel stories, The Journey fulfills a unique role within KLM's media mix. Via new channels as Spotify and Apple Podcasts KLM can show how enriching travel is. Not by claiming the leading role in the podcast, but by letting travelers share their unforgettable experiences by themselves. These stories are structured in a thoughtful manner so that it grabs the listener's attention from the first second. High-quality sound design and a tailor-made soundtrack complete the production.


With The Journey, KLM was one of the first brands worldwide to launch its own podcast. It generated worldwide attention and numerous industry awards. Most importantly, listeners around the world embraced the show. In addition to the huge number of downloads and visibility in focus markets, KLM as a brand was also able to be present at new moments, such as in the car while commuting. Last but not least, by embracing the new medium podcast, KLM shows its true colors as a pioneering airline and its drive for innovation.


In collaboration with: Big Orange - The Audio Agency (music & audio production S01), Lab-3 (additional music & audio production S02), Jonathan Groubert (host & interviews), Born05 (website & distribution)

A trip around the world in 13 episodes


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Very nice stories. Good Edits. Very well narrated.

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I love this podcast, I look forward to having a new episode in my feed. Enjoy hearing about so many different peoples stories of travel, adventures, experiences and exploration.


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Loving it 😃

I love this podcast so interesting and inspiring. Thank you! Keep up the good work! 😜

Original and moving

Stories from all sorts, original and sometimes emotional. But overall just wonderful stories of life and the importance of travel!