The secret to a good podcast

Creating a good podcast takes time and attention. What are the do's and don'ts when making a high-quality production? In this Airborne Masterclass, Creative Director Marvin Jacobs shares his lessons and insights.

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In this 2-part masterclass, we go through the production process of a storytelling podcast: a high-quality and distinctive production that engages listeners. From music to choosing the host, from sound design to script: in this masterclass we cover every step. Please be aware that this is a Dutch spoken series.

Storytelling podcasts

Just as there are many different types of tv-programs - drama series, talk shows, news - there are also many different formats and genres of podcasts. The production approach is, obviously, highly dependent on the type of podcast. At Airborne, we develop storytelling podcasts: high-quality productions where the story and the listening experience are central. This type of production involves a lot, such as research, a script, music and sound design. The Airborne Masterclass focuses on this kind of podcast.

At Airborne we believe that with a well-told story you can make a real connection with listeners. A storytelling podcast takes listeners to another world. With only the use of audio the imagination of listeners is stimulated, comparable to reading a beautiful book. And different than watching a video, for example. A good podcast can give listeners a memorable experience.

Episode 1: The Basics

In this first episode of the Airborne Masterclass, Creative Director Marvin Jacobs starts laying the foundation needed to create a compelling storytelling podcast. But before diving into the content, we first look at the different forms of podcasts out there. Next, we'll focus on the non-fiction storytelling podcast. We go through the steps prior to the production itself: the format, choosing the right host, and putting together the soundtrack.

Sources: all Airborne productions referred to in this episode can be found at the bottom of this page. You also heard fragments from the following podcasts (links refer to Spotify): Marc-Marie & Aaf Vinden Iets, Serial, De Brand in het Landhuis en Dirty John.

Episode 2: The Production

In this episode we start with the production itself. Creative Director Marvin Jacobs explains how to forge various separate components into one cohesive whole. First, we start collecting our material: doing interviews and making reports. We choose the best parts from these recordings and then include them in the script. The host ensures that all these fragments are connected. And then, as a finishing touch, we enrich the production with sound design and music.

Sources: the Airborne productions referred to in this episode can be found below. Besides, there is a fragment included from the final scene of the movie Pretty Woman.